Jeni rides Bob, the Mechanical Horse


Let me introduce Bob. He is a mechanical horse that I had the pleasure of riding on Friday. I have been searching for a mechanical horse to have some lessons on for a while and was so pleased when I found Bob who is near Derby House. He lives at the home of the charity ‘Jigsaw’ which helps horses that would otherwise be put down to have a new life where they are then used to help people with their riding and learning of all kind of life skills. Click on the pic of me and Bob to go to their website.
Bob can walk, trot and canter and can lengthen in trot and canter and also does flying changes. I took my own saddle along and had my first lesson without stirrups so Sue could work on my seat and legs. My left hip was higher than my right and did not move as freely and I needed to tuck my bottom under more and allow my pelvis and shoulders to all move along with Bob. It was very very interesting and I could tell a huge difference in my position by the time I left.

I then came home and rode both Mez and Tilly and practiced what I had learnt. I felt a lot deeper in my seat especially in sitting trot and both horses responded by really starting to work deeper in the trot. I then went back to my normal position and it felt awful! I did however feel like I was slumped with my legs in a funny position but after riding around the yard and staring in windows to see my reflection it seems my posture is greatly improved!! My back is not aching as much as normal either.
I will definitely be going back to Bob for some more lessons and I would recommend him to everyone I know.
I am going to ask Peter to video me so I can analyse myself on the computer!

Jeni Ball
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