Boat License 101

Boat License 101

Driving a boat is by no means regulated as much as driving a car or a motorcycle. However, several states have increasingly started to mandate a safety training and a boat license. Before plunging into the cool waters without adult supervision, teen drivers need to go through a mandatory training program on safety and a boat license for their own as well as fellow riders’ safety.

Here are some of the ways you can acquire your boat license and enjoy the summer in the cool waters.

1. Find laws pertaining to your state: Different states have different laws on getting a boating license. Alabama, Delaware, Georgia and Mississippi were the first states to regulate motor boating activities. Several other states have followed suit and have passed laws to train and license boaters. Research the boat license laws in your state and apply for it accordingly.

2. Choose an online or offline course: There are several recognized organisations that provide online and offline courses on boat driving. By paying a registration fee, you can enroll into the safety training program and become eligible for obtaining a boat license. The online course briefly describes the dynamics of a boat, what to expect and how to be prepared to tackle emergency situations.

3. Preparing & appearing the online examination: After completing the mandatory online course module, you will need to apply an online examination that is basically a set of multiple choice questions from which you have to select the best alternative to a given situation. Once you successfully pass the online examination, you can now obtain your boat license and legally dive into the water with your motor boat.

4. Keeping safety measures in mind: Even after obtaining the license, always keep in mind that boating is a recreational activity and meant for fun. Make sure to follow all safety instructions and wear safety gears to avoid unwanted accidents and mishaps. You must also be well equipped to deal with any emergency situation.

Obtaining a boat license gives you the freedom to enjoy the summer and at the same time ensures your safety and well-being.