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What Are the Health Benefits of Consuming EDTA?

What Are the Health Benefits of Consuming EDTA?. Part of the series: LS - Natural Approach to Health Care. Health benefits of consuming EDTA include the fact that they have a variety of nutrients and minerals. Find out about the health benefits of consuming EDTA with help from an experienced and passionate health care professional in this free video clip. Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/video/1010598-health-benefits-consuming-edta/
Melvina Roundy : Can type 2 diabetics take this
Michael Watts : what about sodium edta
Ivan : Not one mention of it removing calcium?! Horrible
Ponte Vedra : FINALLY AN ANSWER !!!!!
sha har : i would not recommend the greens to be spinach since its exploding with oxalate https://oxalate.org/
Nick Whittredge : Leafy green vegetables are not a viable way to treat heavy metal toxicity.
LosAngelesHomes ForSale : This lady is stupid. Looks like she needs to Chelate the shit out of her teeth... They are practically black. EDTA works, she's and idiot.
Stealth Kiwi : EDTA therapy works, just the cardiovascular surgeons don't like it as it makes a lot of their work obsolete!, this woman looks like she's on something! as the big Pharma cuticle company's won't make money and the list go's on!, intravenous EDTA works! as I have seen MRI scans of both carotid arteries cleared using this therapy and that was told by a surgeon!
Go to PureBulk, you can make your own.
Dale Val : AS the greens she suggests are full of pesticides , if you grew the greens i say shes right, but if you smoke, and dont eat right, i suggest some detox using bentonite, edta diatom earth , baking soda , and charcoal for a week every 3 months, always in moring on empty guy, then after supper take a good multi mineral to replace the good metals
Monica Perry : Thank you love

미세먼지와 중금속 해독하기 (EDTA 킬레이션 요법)

미세먼지와 중금속 해독하기

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lena lena : 선생님, 저희 어머니께서 우라늄수치가 굉장히높습니다.
보니까 요즘 젊은사람들도 우라늄 수치가 높은사람들이 많던데.
그들이 다들 그냥 높은게아니고 그래프윗부분을 뚫고올라가도록 높습니다.
요즘 환경에 우라늄쪽으로 특별히 무슨 문제가있는건아니지 우려되며..
특별히 우라늄해독방법이 있을까요?
EDTA가 부작용도 적진않다고 들어서 염려도 되구요.
해독에 대해 좀더 자세히알고싶습니다.
김연수 : 실비가 되나요?
알콩이 : 쌤. IAEA에서 방사능에 노출된 경우 홍삼을 보조로 사용한다는 게 진짜인가요? 과거에 닥터 하우스에서 보고 늘 궁금했어요.
김소연 : 쌀 대신 귀리먹으면 좋은가요??
Straight Shooter : 먹는 활성탄(카본)도 도움이 될까요?
princ ipal : edta영양제로 먹어도되나요?
강그래미 : 고맙습니다. 도움이됩니다
MY S : 감사합니다. 정말 귀중한 강의예요.❤️
이현 : 원장님의 유난 떨라는 말씀에 위로가 됩니다. 제가 유난 떨거든요. 아픈 사람의 고통을 조금이나마 알기에 이럴수 밖에 없더라구요.
유월이의 사생활 : 이런방송 넘나 감사여~♡

EDTA Chelation Therapy - Heavy Metal Detoxification

Lisa W : I just wonder if chelation as Dr. Roberts practices could have a positive effect on early stage Parkinson’s...my brother has it, in addition to myasthenia gravis, and of course, heart disease. I just feel intuitively that these are all related, and HM toxicity could be a driving factor. Would love to know what Dr. R thinks!
partytill10 : How can I find good chelation treatment locally? PHiladelphia.
Nto having much luck so far doesn't seem to be much available.
Jacob & Lydia Howard : I wonder what multivitamin he uses for his patients. 6 a day seems like a lot.
Amirr Hassan : Excellent and highly valuable presentation.
Will share it with my friends and family.
Stay blessed Dr.
U are trying to swim against the currents,the big pharma the corrupted pharma.
Justin C. : Dr. Gary Gordon says you can take 1500mg of edta orally. But I can find any research showing that its effectiveness orally and how much is absorbed. Does anybody know of such research?
GreenDrink Guy : This is an excellent video, thanks.
karen peaden : I did iv edta, I found a new md I'm doing more again
karen peaden : Saved my life, i was in continual migraines , allergic to most foods , all preservatives, every smell, the sun, lights in rooms , blood sugar problem s. Couldnt work. I had vommiting with migraine, diarrhea with migraines, every chelation healed me 100% im now no allergies, no migraine x25yrs, went to school im an RN, now thank you chelation
Jay Edenfield : I suffer from severe depression and snapped mentally, and haven't recovered - once I had all eight of my amalgams removed last year, and 4 have suffered from constant suicidal ideation and disconnected from reality, and so many mental and physical symptoms.

I've been so worried about chelation as I've heard horror stories, and Andy Cutler was strongly against it, along with other practitioners.

...will chelation help my mental health?

Thank you...
emanuehl777 : EDTA oral or IV?




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