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Rae Systems ppbRae 3000 - Quickstart Guide

A quickstart guide to the ppbRae 3000, including calibration procedure and setup

Honeywell ppbRAE 3000 VOC Detector

The ppbRAE 3000+ is a best-of-breed monitor trusted by many of the world’s leaders in CBRNE, HazMat Response, Civil Defense, Oil \u0026 Gas, and other hazardous environments. Using a 3rd generation photoionization detector (PID) and built-in correction factors for more than 200 compounds, the ppbRAE 3000+ is one of the most advanced VOC monitors for parts-per-billion (ppb) detection. It measures the presence of VOCs from 1ppb-10,000ppm with three-second response time. Optional built-in Mesh Radio enables real-time monitoring of instrument readings wirelessly. Another option is Bluetooth, which can relay readings and alarm status up to 2 miles to a RAELink 3 wireless transmitter. And a rugged housing, large display, and large keys that can be operated with three layers of gloves all make for a unit that’s easy to use and maintain.

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[도매119] 가스측정기, VOC측정기 ppbRAE3000 작동영상

[도매119] ppb 단위까지 측정가능한 가스측정기,
VOC측정기 ppbRAE3000 (피피비래3000) 작동영상 입니다.
실내공기질 측정, 산업위생 및 산업보건분야, 화학작용제 측정, 미량의 독성물질 측정, 석유화학공장, 작업환경 측정 등 여러 환경에서 활용 가능합니다.
ppbRAE3000 은 반응시간이 약 3초이내이며, 측정범위가 최대 10,000ppm 입니다.
(영상에서 나온 테스트 물질은 헵탄 입니다)




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