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Land Rover Freelander SUV review - CarBuyer

Land Rover Freelander 2014 review:
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Land Rover re-calibrated drivers' perceptions of what was possible with a small 4x4 when it originally introduced the Freelander. It was good to drive on the road, and equally impressive off it.
The Freelander 2 is no different, feeling as capable wherever you choose to drive it - but more luxurious too. Part of its enormous appeal is its driving character on the road, where the Freelander 2 feels more like a tall estate car than a wobbly off-roader. The diesel engine is offered in two outputs, while Land Rover has taken a revolutionary step (for a company founded on it reputation for world beating 4x4s) and introduced a front-wheel drive model for those seeking the very best fuel economy.

Do you own this car? Let us know what you think about it with the Driver Power Survey
Who's your mate? : Vintage Mat Watson
Sifakubi Masuku : Planning to get mine soon, this car is brilliantly designed
King Aryan : Is Ti good for a first car?
professor GIMSARA : Why don't we have a new model
Gofer of Magia : My mom still got one and loves the brand so she thinks about buying a new rover, which one should she get? Shes not aiming for the most expensive rovers on the market
Abbey Anwari : I drive a 2009 HSE Auto diesel and it's awesome. Love it
Richard Grant : "has lots going for it " - and points out the badge !!!!!!!!
Richard Grant : automatic hill descent -- for drivers who can't put the brakes on themselves ..............What are silly, "pretty" review....
The Axe Man : Not impressed with this “Review” to say the least...
Lee Andrews : Just bought a January 14 registered with 50k miles and I think it's fantastic and the 2.2 diesel 150bhp is quite good on fuel

Gonna buy a Land Rover Freelander? best watch this video first Things to look for when buying a Land Rover Freelander mk1. Always drive before you buy otherwise you will end up with what some dude sold me on ebay, he forgot to mention all the problems. Happy ebay days....
David Withey : your funny lol
moe lester : Bloody legend
john metrac : It’s people like you that put the price of the freelander down ,so I can buy them for cheap my freelander td4 is one of the best vehicles I’ve ever owned nice one
beno 1121 : Mate nowt wrong with my freelander 1td4 them things nothing to change also u bought petrol shouldve bought diesel plonka
Phil Rees : i have a td4 auto runs beautiful. have had it for 4 years only usual maintenance done. very pleased with it
Aman A : The rear diff centre bush mount is such a poor design. It's amazing that they don't fail more quickly...
david thomas : If it was that bad why the fuck was u still driving it u cock dear me fucking dull
Spectre 74 : W reg filmed in 2017 I bet she'd done a good amount of millage and a load of towing judging by the tow ball at the end
Web Surfer : I had a 2000 w- reg 1.8 petrol freelander, and found it quite gutsy and nippy enough, certainly not underpowered. There clearly were design and quality issues though, wondow regulator failed, transfer box output shaft failed, which, due to cost of fixing, resulted in me doing away with the prop 4wd and blanking off transfer case. The other thing i hated about it was the terrible all in one, sealed plastic clutch master and slave unit, that failed and was replaced, horrible design, cheap and nasty with no bleed nipple.
Stephen Cresswell : “The centre universal joint”? What the hell is that? Utter bollocks. It’s the VCU.


naše první jízda
Benedek Alpár : This is a stupid comparison video, sorry, an equiped Feroza easily beats an unequiped Y60 Patrol for Christs sake...
Supri Yatno : Keren banget ini mobilnya.
Radu bond : Vă bateți joc de aro, echipați-l cum trebuie și după mai stăm de vorbă
chris birch : Better tyres and driver on the freelander. You need momentum!!
Alice SF : Daca aro avea alt sofer chiar si cu rotile alea dadea clasa
Edi T : 1975 vs 1998 technology with simex tyres
liviu ionita : No tyres on ARO. With off road tyres and a good driver , it would piss on Land Rover!!!!!
Kieran Curtis : I'm a Land Rover owner, well I own a few... But I think this very unfair as the Freelander took the first test at speed and it's clear it has knobbly tyres. I'd like to see a Lada Niva join in, that would show those two a thing or two (Yes, I have a Lada as well).
Сергей Малюкин : Ровер
Florin Horga : Ca si putere Aro 240 a fost o masina super .Am avut si am condus.Asta e Aro 230 .Ca si motorizsre super .Dar a nu se face comparatie cu un Rover cu roti off road.Era la ele o diferenta intre motoarele fabricate de Brasov si cele de Cimpu Lung Muscel.Motoare de 3000 cm 3.




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