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LeSportsac Luggage Medium Weekender SKU:8394685

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LeSportsac Luggage Medium Weekender SKU:#8403930

Check out these new styles and more from!

Erica's Favorite Bag Brand :) BIFL

Medium Weekender in black:

I highly recommend buying pre-owned. LeSportsac bags are workhorses :) I do not want to have bags that I have to work to maintain or worry about scratching. The bags that I used to buy were leather - heavy and they needed to be conditioned at least once a year or they would dry out.

Lesportsac bags fit my lifestyle the best. I feel comfortable dropping it on the ground, having it rained on, or even food spilled on it accidentally. If I can't get out a stain for some reason, by buying pre-owned, the cost of the bag is typically less than $10 so I won't really care much at all.

If you purchase a Lesportsac bag, expect it to last at least 10 years. These are buy-it-for-life bags in my opinion.The bags I used the most in Hawaii were over 10 years old and the only reason why I'm not using those bags is because I didn't pack those bags with me. I ran out of luggage space.

I do plan on bringing them back to NY the next time I'm back in Hawaii :)




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