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Games Explained - The Great Dalmuti

Join the Games Explained crew as they demonstrate how to play the popular card game The Great Dalmuti!

For more videos, go to http://www.gamesexplained.com
Mallory Whisenhunt : Is there anywhere I can play this online?
Mark Meybell : I remember playing this in junior high! <3 Going to order a deck and revisit old memories!
Nina Jiron : No explanation of scoring. What's the goal?
Jordan Laine : This is simply a reskinned and slightly re balanced version of Presidents and Assholes...
Stijn Coetsier : How is it possible that the GP has got a gesture left isn't that his best card he had to give to the GD?
Ben Cheshire : the main drawback compared to a game like Love Letter seems to be that I would have to encourage my friends to say "dalmuti" for no good reason.
grumpchong : years ago we wanted to play this at a party. after driving to three different stores looking for it we decided to build a proxy deck using three decks of playing cards with identical backs. 12 kings, 11 queens, 10 jesters,9 nines,etc........and 1 ace. and 2 jesters of course.
CodyKitforDisney : I remember playing this game when I was younger..And after watching this the memories of playing is coming back. It's a very fun game, and very competitive when playing with a huge group of people.
jluisao2 : looks cool enough, i'm gonna get it :D

The Great Dalmuti - Review

A small trick taking game from legendary designer Richard Garfield, that has left a large imprint on our house. I take a colorful look at what looks like a colorless card game.

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Michael P : Love this game. It's played in various ways, in various cultures around the world. I own 2 copies and it's always a hit. (Back in the 80s we played a version with playing cards called President and Assholes. That seems appropriate today)!

The Great Dalmuti Card Game Review

This is our quick review of the card game The Great Dalmluti.

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