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Bellows on Audiotree Live (Full Session)

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Oliver Kalb is a gifted songwriter, performer and musician. As Bellows, he effortlessly pens vulnerable stories clothed in curious metaphors. Writing from a deeply personal place, Kalb taps into the complex perspectives that are present in any failed relationship. Alongside his peers in the Epoch, he crafts these intimate, forlorn tales by experimenting with dense vocoder effects, bouncy samples and grimy electronic sounds. Check out the performance by Bellows on Audiotree Live.

1. Cease to Be
2. Orange Juice
3. Thick Skin
4. Blue Breath, Rosy Death
5. You Are A Palm Tree
6. Bully
7. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Recorded on October 27, 2016, in Chicago, IL.

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Earthquaker Devices Bellows

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Today we’re staying lit with the Bellows, from EarthQuaker devices. The Bellows is a thick, viscous fuzz and distortion hybrid that functions as a good all-in-one pedal for those hungry for versatility. As a true jack of all trades, the Bellows can instantly doomify a set of single coils, and it should be the first box off the shelf for humbucker players to make their amps writhe in agony. The duality of the Bellows seems to lie in the Drive knob, with a chewy distortion sound lies in the lower registers, and transforms into a fuzzy werewolf when pushed past midnight. The component choice in the Bellows makes all the difference, with two carefully-chosen silicon devices providing the meat and potatoes of this burly tone. A host of premium components, including full carbon-composition resistors line the walls of the Bellows, for a combination adding up to unrelenting rock ‘n’ roll tones of any style. Like each EarthQuaker device, the Bellows is hand-made, one by one, in the seventh circle of Akron, Ohio.




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