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Nigeria's Silent Slaughter: Tulsi Gabbard, Ben Watson Call for US to Help End Genocide

Nigeria's Silent Slaughter: Tulsi Gabbard, Ben Watson Call for US to Help End Genocide
Street Buddha : I will not aide the egos of white christian conservatives. You all can't even make peace with your own country. Go play God in some elsewhere.
Priscilla Blair : 30:27 Anyone want to do this with me ♥️❤️
Rose Drake : Good. I wait for love from you
Aleph Tav : Prayers for all mankind..
Edith Barber : 30:27 Anyone want to do this with me ♥️❤️
G G : Great insight!

CBN NewsWatch PM: September 17, 2020

CBN NewsWatch PM: September 17, 2020
Christopher Graves : It's farther inland, not further inland. 'Farther' refers to a physical distance while 'further' is more metaphorical as in a logical progression.
Michelle Slack : I plead the holy Blood of Jesus CHRIST of NAZARETH against every UNHOLY and UNGODLY Spirit and or spirits that are trying to come against us in Jesus Mighty Name Amen
Street Buddha : Next do what the science suggests and build flood and sea defenses you superstitious fools.
S. Scott G. Edwards : A CHINESE VACCINE??? Are you kidding??????
Peter Name : It is rain management Trump. Not climate change

Prayer March

Prayer March
Janie Page : What is wrong is God has been removed. Yes is as Bible says..I just pray all are redeemed.....I praise the name of Jesus...I give God the glory for all mercy..if we return, God will be pleased, if not, Sodom and Gramora, all over, but, I going be in arms of God...PRAISE the LORD...Stand Christians be proud to give glory in name of Jesus
Question Everything : Lord, thank you for giving us the freedom to praise you and glorify you.
Labi Anni : Amen, Let’ March hand in hand together in prayer and fasting to demolish the wall of Jericho in JESUS name, amen
Sincerely K. Roseline : Yes ❤️❤️❤️❤️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️
Melissa Nock : Praise the Lord Jesus amen
K.Feb.20. C : ❤
Sade Sade : JESUS CHRIST I pray this world prayer day in Washington is realized as we turn to You Lord for forgiveness, mercy, grace, peace, law & order & above all, Return to GOD, thank you Jesus✝️✝️✝️❤❤
Chris White : TRUE REPENTANCE IS CRITICAL! How much clearer the warning signs? The lukewarm pulpits and churches have had their time. And look at us now!? Arise, draw your swords and light your lamps!!
Sunflower Susan : Yes
fondoftheduh : Like he's never been wrong. A lot.




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