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Augmented Reality | John Werner | TEDxAsburyPark

What would the world look like if we could derive our identity from a more interactive form of communication that merges the digital and the physical?\r
For 50 years we've been trapped in two dimensions, with flat input devices like the mouse, track pad and touchscreen as our only windows into the digital world. John is passionate about how using neuroscience can inform building a truly natural operating environment for navigating the future of computing, one in which AR becomes a healthy, vital extension of who we are and creates deeper understanding, freer expression and optimal productivity.\r
Augmented reality will change the way we think about design, health, medicine. Imagine a neurosurgeon being able to superimpose a brain scan onto a patient’s head from different views before cutting into the patient’s head to remove a tumor.\r
Augmented reality superimposes digital information or images onto the physical world to enhance the way we view our surroundings (think Pokémon Go).\r

John Werner is an innovator, mobilizer, and human super connector. He constantly builds community and is a "moonshot" thinker, innovating as he goes while incorporating the latest technologies. He believes passionately in 21st century collaborative creativity in innovating with direct human or environmental impact. John is the vice president of Strategic Partnerships at Metavision where he explores augmented reality. He is the recipient of the Loeb Fellowship at Harvard Graduate Study of Design. Additionally, he is the founder of TEDxBeaconStreet and on the board of advisors for TEDx along with a number of other TED affiliations. His work has been featured in dozens of TED talks.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

National Geographic Augmented Reality experience by INDE

INDE's Air, Land \u0026 Sea AR content package, in collaboration with the National Geographic Society, offers users a unique chance to travel to some incredible locations via INDE’s BroadcastAR augmented reality system. Centred around a dynamic, ever-changing watering hole, the experience allows you to meet a diverse range of animals from Africa to the Arctic as they graze, drink, and interact with the environment around them. With great crowd engagement and excellent social sharing support, the best part of Air, Land \u0026 Sea is that it is a great media space for advertising and branding.

Air, Land \u0026 Sea is an augmented reality experience with some of the world’s most amazing animated 3D characters alongside sensational ambient sound. The Air, Land \u0026 Sea big screen experience runs on INDE's BroadcastAR system which puts customisable, interactive, augmented reality 3D experiences on any screen, indoor or outdoor digital signage or temporary LED / Plasma screen.

BroadcastAR is adaptable in footprint to allow its installation in event and public spaces via retail environments to museums and educational experiences. The system connects seamlessly with our SnapShare module to create instant jpg and video snapshots for immediate share via social media or print onsite for an amazing ROI opportunity.

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About BroadcastAR
INDE's award-winning BroadcastAR system installs a customisable, interactive 3D Augmented Reality experience on any screen large or small. It creates a unique edutainment and media platform capable of attracting, engaging and educating individuals and
groups, through a mixture of the real world and digital content.
Users can learn, explore and touch the untouchable while immersed in cinema-quality 3D environments and interact with photo-realistic characters in real-time. Off-the-shelf content packages include a huge range of environments featuring everything from dinosaurs to killer whales. Custom 3D can be commissioned via INDE’s content creation team.

About INDE
One of the first projects for the UK-based company was developing a large-screen AR experience for National Geographic in 2011. Since then, INDE has become a fully integrated Augmented Reality product developer, with more than 200 mobile, kiosk and big-screen AR systems deployed worldwide. Its client roster includes for The Smithsonian Institution, The BBC, NBC Universal, 20th Century Fox, WWF and numerous others.
As an increasing number of institutions and companies in entertainment, education, retail and commercial solutions are looking at innovative ways to provide unforgettable experiences to their customers and audiences, Augmented Reality has become one of the most sought-after technologies today, due to its ability to inform, engage, educate and entertain in an entirely new way.
INDE currently operates offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Budapest and Los Angeles.

Augmented Reality Zoo

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Virtual Zoo is an interactive, Augmented Reality entertainment. While a camera records the images of the surroundings and displays them on the screen, a computer connected to a motion sensor generates animated animals in real-time and adds them to the displayed image. As a result, users can interact with a giraffe, an elephant, a panda bear, a family of penguins and many other animals. Like in a real ZOO, users can hear the sounds made by the animals and watch how they behave. One-click is enough to capture your interaction with animals on camera and the photograph will be sent to a chosen e-mail address with a link allowing to share it on social media.




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