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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Episode 1

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a 1979 seven-part drama spy mini-series made by BBC TV. John Irvin directed and Jonathan Powell produced this adaptation of John le Carré's novel Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (1974). The mini-series, which stars Alec Guinness, Ian Richardson, Michael Jayston, Anthony Bate, Ian Bannen, George Sewell, and Michael Aldridge, was shown in the United Kingdom from 10 September to 22 October 1979 and in the United States beginning on 29 September 1980.

Official Trailer for Tinker the Movie - Watch on NetFlix

Tinker is an award winning family film about a gifted 6 year old boy that moves in with his recluse uncle who is less than thrilled about the distraction since his attention is focused on building an electromagnetic machine, he believes could change the world.

Available now in Amazon Prime, iTunes, and NetFlix.

Clayne Crawford from Fox's 'Leathal Weapon' and Sundance Networks 'Rectify'
Christian Kane from '50 to 1', TNT's 'Leverage' and 'The Librarians'
Introducing Colton Crawford
Supporting: Chalet Lizette Brannan, Wendy Baron, and Tumbleweed Smith.

A KoCreo Production in association with TNG Entertainment
Directed by Sonny Marler
Produced by Tom Bhramayana
For more info visit www.tinkerthemovie.com
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MIRACLE [Tinker] Doesn't Use Hands | Best Pro MMR - Dota 2

Dota 2 Tinker Best Pro Gameplay - Immortal Rank. Play Dota2 with player Miracle-
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Boush, the Tinker, is a ranged intelligence hero who leverages great mobility and blistering nukes to push lanes and gank his enemies. Tinker's ultimate Rearm resets the cooldown on his items and abilities, allowing him to deal prodigious damage with his Laser, Heat-Seeking Missiles and with items such as Dagon. By refreshing Boots of Travel, Rearm also grants Tinker vast mobility, enabling him to pressure multiple lanes with his March of the Machines. Tinker's mana costs are very high, however, so to remain a global threat he must regularly regenerate at his fountain. His mana dependency and modest stat gain make quickly acquiring Boots of travel a key to success. When played with the right items, good mana management and mechanical skill, there are few heroes Tinker will not evaporate.

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